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Secure and mobilize your customer journey with transparent and real-time communications. Notifications, customer service and authentication – all on one platform.

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Banks, money transfer providers, fintech, bitcoin, and payment gateways can engage users with mobile messaging while securing transactions and accounts. SMS and chat app messaging, phone intelligence and two-factor authentication work together in your customer touchpoints


Use Cases

Engage Users & Prevent Fraud


A Trusted Customer Journey

Personalized customer experience - Finance & Payments
Create Trusted & Personalized Customer Experiences

Tackle fraud threats with user-friendly two-factor authentication to increase account and transaction security without sacrificing user experience. Business messaging enables you to get closer to your customers in a personalized way with SMS and chat apps such as WhatsApp.

Secure customer journey - Finance & Payments
PSD-2 Compliant Digital Customer Journeys

User-friendly 2FA helps you comply with PSD-2’s requirements for strong customer authentication. In addition, extra security steps to verify users, authenticate transactions, and account access protect your users, minimize fraud, and shield your reputation. tyntec is GDPR compliant.

Mobilize customer interaction - Finance & Payments
Modernize Customer Service with Conversational Messaging

Your customers want to text you. The financial industry can modernize customer engagement with mobile channels globally available such as SMS messaging and even chat apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, increasing speed and satisfaction in handling customer service inquiries.

Getting Started

Key tyntec APIs for Finance

Authentication API

Implement strong customer authentication to comply with PSD-2, supporting transaction authentication, user verification, and more.

Number Verification API
Number Verification API

Use phone number intelligence like location and device status to address the right people at the right time and prevent fraud.

Mobile Chat API
Chat API

Our API for chat apps and SMS expands your customer outreach with conversational customer service.

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