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Secure and mobilize your customer journey with transparent and real-time communications. Notifications, customer service and authentication – all on one omnichannel platform. 

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Here are some great ways

to use authentication in Finance & Payments

Build trust with

smart, omni-channel communications


With an omni-channel communications approach, financial service companies can engage users on mobile, secure transactions and accounts and increase trust. Messaging, phone intelligence and two-factor authentication work together in various customer touchpoints, such as your mobile app, website and customer service. 

A trusted

customer journey


In the age of electronic transactions and payments, cyber fraud keeps increasing, eroding consumer’s trust. With that challenge, the financial industry – fintech, payments, money transfer providers, bitcoin, banks and more – has the opportunity to mobilize and secure the customer journey with simple communications tools such as authentication, number verification and messaging services. 

Personalized customer experience - Finance & Payments
Create trusted, personalized customer experiences

Balance user experience with security steps throughout your customer journey. 

Secure customer journey - Finance & Payments
Secure your customer journey and be compliant with PSD2

Apply user-friendly authentication to your customer interactions with a fully PSD2 compliant solution.

Mobilize customer interaction - Finance & Payments
Mobilize customer interactions to support transactions and growth

Modernize your customer engagement strategy with mobile channels globally available such as SMS messaging to support your international expansion. 

Top tools used by the

finance & payments industry

Authentication - Tools

Apply security measures throughout the customer journey, from user verification to transaction authentication and continuous account 2FA.

Number Verification - Tools
Number Information

Add phone number intelligence to your customer journey to address the right people at the right time, all while dodging fraudsters. 

SMS - Tools

Users of all demographics appreciate quick bits of information sent to their mobile phones instead of email. 

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tyntec powers omni-channel communications, making it easy for financial and payment brands to mobilize and secure customer engagement. Backed by its industry-leading global network, tyntec provides easy-to-integrate APIs for SMS, number information and authentication for fast, secure mobile communications.

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