What is the difference between 2FA API and tyntec’s OTP SMS API?

tyntec’s two-factor authentication (2FA) API enables your business to seamlessly capture and confirm your users’ phone numbers as part of the sign-up and 2FA processes. It is a feature-rich, programmable API that detects the phone number type (mobile or landline) and sends the passcode via the appropriate channel (SMS or text-to-speech).

In addition, tyntec’s 2FA API offers:

  • PIN generation, verification and expiration handling
  • The ability to customize language and sender ID to specific locales
  • Customized message and call templates, PIN length and time retry configuration
  • Pay per successful verifications.

tyntec’s Business SMS API enables you to send SMS messages globally. While you’re also able to send one-time passwords (OTP SMS) via this API, it does not support the verification process or the additional feature-set to manage verifications appropriately. If your business has the authentication functionalities and you would like to maintain them, the SMS API can be ideal if you want to have access to the SMS transmission. Last but not least, the SMS API’s business model is pay-per-sent-SMS, which means that you pay for each SMS, regardless of whether it generates a successful or unsuccessful SMS verification.