How much is tyntec’s 2FA API?

When you use tyntec’s 2FA API, you pay per successful verification, meaning that you pay only when the OTP you provide matches the one returned by the end user. You do NOT pay for unsuccessful attempts (e.g. SMS sent or attempted text-to-speech (TTS) calls or even completed TTS calls that resulted in no successful verification).

To make the most of the “pay per conversion” model, tyntec recommends the following:

  • Use tyntec as your primary — if not exclusive — verification partner
  • Ensure that your application clearly explains to customers that the verification will occur, and ask for their consent to verify with a click-to-action button
  • Once the customer has acknowledged he/she wants to start the verification, display a screen where the customer can enter the OTP

In case you have any additional questions, please contact your account manager or or visit our technical docs page.