Virtual office number

The office number of tomorrow is virtual

With your workforce becoming increasingly mobile, how to turn your company into an always-on enterprise? An overlooked, simple solution. You can begin with virtual phone numbers that make it possible for employees to receive calls or texts from their office number no matter what mobile device they're using or where they are. Think of it: you're standing on the golf course when you get a call from your most important client. For all they know, you're in the office. One identity, many devices— the promise of a converged environment where fixed and mobile phone numbers are merged to colleagues and customers alike.

Virtual office:

  1. Customer texts office, fixed-line number of a sales rep.
  2. The sales rep is on the road, so the texts are sent to the office phone as well as his mobile phone.
  3. Sales rep gets the message on his mobile phone, and replies to the customer right away.

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