User registration and activation

The new mantra: Activate (easily) or die.

You think you've got it made. Users have found your app. Now if only they'd use it. (Do you know only 1% of all smartphone downloads convert into users?) Turns out the hard part is getting users to register.

tyntec's seamless One-Time Password (OTP) authentication technology can make activation simple and efficient with activation codes sent via SMS. It's the perfect way to lower user acquisition costs while optimizing every activation regardless of attribution. And because our OTP SMS validates phone numbers before texting out activation codes, your app won't be one of the 13% OTPs that fail due to invalid phone numbers.

Activation made easy: 

  1. User clicks to download the app from the app store (or to register on a website).
  2. Provider checks the phone number to avoid sending messages to an invalid number.
  3. Provider sends an activation code to a valid number via SMS. (For an invalid number, the company receives an error code in the delivery report and asks the user for another contact number.)
  4. User types in her access code and downloads the app (or successfully registers to use the service on the website).

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