User authentication

Do the bad guys know your customers better than you?

Ask any company that's been victimized by cybercrime. Flimsy web-based password challenges are no match for phishing attacks. That's why smart companies use phone-based user authentication. When customers know they can easily confirm their identity on their mobiles with one-time passwords and contextual authentication everyone wins.

Access is authenticated, identity verified, fraud minimized, convenience maximized and there's less chance of other, unauthorized access of your data. As more user interactions move to the cloud, SMS- and voice-based authentication become an integral part of cyber security measures. tyntec helps you stay ahead of the bad guys.

Security on the go:

  1. User is on holiday, trying to check e-mail from a hotel's public computer in the lobby.
  2. Company sends an authentication code to her assigned phone number via SMS or automated phone call.
  3. User enters her authentication code into her webmail and gets access.

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