SMS-enabled workflow

Power to the people—and their devices!

Mobility isn't just about having a mobile device in your pocket. Collaboration on the go, being able to reach colleagues and customers whenever you need them, and wherever they are—whether they're stuck in traffic or the middle of a cornfield—takes much more than just installing mobile apps.

If you're one of the millions of businesses developing mobile workflows, adopting SMS-enabled unified communications is the key mobile solution that works seamlessly, across your company's entire communications system. Email-to-SMS, web/desktop SMS, out-of-office SMS notice, SMS forwarding, SMS alerts for meetings and conference calls: the possibilities for enabling true collaboration are endless.

Mobile workflow:

  1. A colleague sends a message to a colleague in HR.
  2. The HR manager is on vacation. The system generates an automated out-of-office SMS, and forwards the message to an interim HR manager.
  3. Colleague gets the out-of-office reply, directing her request to the interim HR manager.

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