Secure employee access

Employees, everywhere. Security, nowhere?

There are more than a billion mobile users working in and around the cloud—that’s a billion users clamouring for secure communications, seamless collaboration, and zero downtime access to mission critical business applications. It also means a billion security holes—compounded by the plethora of devices employees bring to the enterprise ecosystem as their employers embrace BYOD. Are you ready for the challenge?

tyntec can help elevate your enterprise security through SMS and automated voice calls with one-time passwords (OTPs)—enhanced with contextual authentication to validate key data such as the users’ geo-location, safeguarding your enterprise access, to any device, anywhere, no matter where the entry points are.

Enterprise-strength security:

  1. An employee on the road requires access to an enterprise application for the latest updates to her sales pipeline.
  2. As soon as she logs in, the company compares the geo-location of her phone number with the location of the IP address.
  3. If her mobile geo-location checks out, the company grants access; if her geo-location doesn't match her number, the company sends her a one-time code via SMS or voice call.
  4. As soon as the employee confirms her code, access to the application is granted.

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