Mobile marketing campaigns

Ads don't make purchases, people do.

Advertising is ubiquitous, inescapable, and prone to failure, but at the zero moment of truth, it's the device in your pocket that wins. No wonder nearly two-thirds of consumers who allow marketers to reach them via their mobile phones confess they've made purchases because of the highly relevant messages they've received on their devices.

For marketers who want to reach more customers across the globe with location-specific relevance, without worrying about whether there's Internet access, two-way SMS communications continue to be the most powerful engagement tool in the arsenal—especially when it comes to contests, quizzes, and promotional deals where speed is of the essence and immediate interaction from the customer is the key to success.

Engagement on the run:

  1. Customer texts a number to compete for a prize.
  2. Company engages the customer with deal alerts, vouchers, discounts and sales via mobile, until the end of the promotion.
  3. Customer receives the prize; or redeems the voucher online, through an app or at a physical store.

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