Mobile helpdesk and alerts

SMS-enabled Helpdesk: Help without the hurdles

The new customer is tied to her mobile 24/7. She lives, shops, learns, and loves by it. Whether she's home or halfway around the world, she should be able to ask for help, inquire about a new service, complain, order, or cancel an order—and all by text message.

The SMS-enabled helpdesk is the solution to her needs. With an open rate of more than 95%, SMS enables companies to engage their customers in both one- and two-way messaging—secure SMS delivery notifications, reminders, updates, and alerts—no matter where there customers might be. When it comes to help, immediate two-way communication via SMS still rocks.

The helpdesk redefined:

  1. Annoyed customer texts your company to report a problem.
  2. Company investigates.
  3. Without delay, company is in touch with the customer via SMS or a call.

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