App distribution and viral invites

The SMS Superpower: Viral invites & installs.

Between Apple's App Store and Google Play, there are more than 1.5M apps—and more than 60% have never been downloaded even once. So how do you give your app viral superpowers? tyntec increases conversion rates and builds virality into one-click mobile app distribution that seamlessly sends SMS download invites or in-app recommendations to everyone on users' contact lists.

Thanks to the global reach, reliability, and speed of an SMS-enabled in-app button or forward link, you can make mobile app installs a walk in the park—even when there's no Internet connection.

Here's how to get superpower virality:

  1. Company integrates a button or in-app link for users to forward to friends.
  2. User types their friend's phone number(s).
  3. The friend receives an SMS message with a download link.

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