Customer data validation

What makes wrong numbers wrong: wasting time and money.

You might think wrong data—corrupt or inaccurate records—is just a thing of the past, but you'd be wrong. Very wrong. Companies that keep large customer databases are sitting on reams of outdated or static information, wasting time and money contacting customers with invalid numbers, phones turned off, or roaming out of range.

Stop wasting time and money. tyntec's sophisticated phone number information services will raise the performance of your contact center by cleansing your database, identifying inactive/roaming phone numbers, and verifying phone numbers against mobile network information in real time. Make it right for your customers—reach them when and where they need you.

Trust and validate:

  1. Company plans a cold-calling campaign for a product launch.
  2. Company collects all the mobile phone numbers in its database.
  3. Provider checks each number right before the call to make sure it's reachable (valid, phone turned on, not roaming, etc.).
  4. Company reaches out only to those prospects who are available and active.

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