OTT interoperability

Virtual numbers open OTT communications

How do you become the favorite communications app for your increasingly picky users? These days users have many choices to reach a lot of people via Over-the-Top (OTT) services—and mobile telephony, of course. As the OTT competition heats up, owning the home screen real estate requires broader integration.

tyntec’s virtual phone numbers unite the two worlds: OTT communications and telephony. Make it easy for your users to stay on your app—even when they need to text or call their friends who are not on the app—without ever having to switch to the mobile network. Now that’s a beautiful, open OTT world!


Uniting OTT and mobile telephony:

  1. User wants to text her boyfriend, a non-app user.
  2. With the user’s account associated with a virtual phone number, she can text him.
  3. Her boyfriend receives the message on his phone and replies.
  4. User receives the message on her OTT app, and the conversation continues.

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