BYOD integration

Bring what works for you: the key to boundless collaboration

You say your company can't support personally-owned and work devices on the same network. Your employees say no fair. But employee-owned devices needn't represent a threat to company security.

A sound BYOD policy can provide a fluid and secure foundation for collaboration—and tyntec can show you how, by powering enterprise communication applications and phones with virtual phone numbers, and full voice and SMS capabilities. Now employees who want to bring their own device can keep their personal number private—and still text and call from the company's phone number.

BYOD-integrated collaboration:

  1. Employee brings her own device, but uses the company's virtual phone as an app
  2. Employee calls or texts contacts using the app, using the company's virtual phone number.
  3. Employee's contact sees the company phone number and can contact the employee back on that number.
  4. Employee receives the call or text via the app or office phone.

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