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Add native mobile messaging to your Enterprise Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for fast customer support, real-time incident alerts, and more. With SMS and chat app messaging, you enhance customer happiness and employee collaboration — all in one omnichannel communications platform.

Native Messaging on Customer Engagement Platforms

Mobile messaging has become a core communication channel for customer outreach and worker collaboration. Enterprise SaaS platforms that add SMS messaging and chat apps enable their business customers to offer an omni-channel customer experience. As well as, the ability to get ahead of support issues, facilitate employee communication, and customer engagement.

Use Cases

Messaging in Enterprise SaaS


Enterprise SaaS Messaging

Notify and converse with ease
Use messaging to notify and converse with ease

Whether you want to provide simple SMS notifications or enable more complex customer conversations, mobile messaging provides the ideal channel for easy two-way customer support as well as incident-related communications.

Build it into your system – natively
Build messaging into your system – natively

Messaging has become a standard business-to-customer channel. Leverage business chat on your Enterprise SaaS platform in a native integration with our developer-friendly messaging APIs, and provide your enterprise customers with a seamless experience.

Customer Service through text
Power omnichannel messaging for SaaS

Implement SMS and chat app messaging throughout the customer journey with two-way omnichannel communications. Incoming text messages become tickets in your system that can be tracked and followed up upon easily by contact center agents.

Top tyntec APIs

for Enterprise SaaS Platforms

SMS - Tools

Our API for SMS messaging provides the ideal combination of immediacy and personalization for marketing, engagement and conversion-driven alerts, as well as customer service, incident management and remote worker communications. Enable two-way SMS based on your existing business phone number (e.g. landline) for improved omnichannel engagement.

Mobile Chat - Tools
Mobile Chat API

Amplify customer engagement in your contact center or CRM SaaS with branded, multimedia functions and immediate two-way messaging in users’ preferred chat apps such as Viber and Facebook Messenger. This omnichannel messaging API provides simple access to nearly three billion people worldwide.

Number Verification - Tools
Number Information API

Context is everything. Improve communication ROI for your enterprise customers by finding and removing invalid and unavailable numbers before contacting end-users. With real-time phone number look ups, your enterprise customers will benefit from fewer failed attempts, faster deployment and better conversion rates.

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Messaging for Enterprise SaaS

Native SMS Integration SaaS

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Learn five advantages of making SMS a core communications channel on your SaaS platform.

Integrating SMS on Customer Service SaaS tyntec

Leveraging Bulk SMS for Critical Notifications

Find out how time-critical bulk SMS can be used to alert workers, and more in case of incidents.

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Why work with tyntec?

Choose tyntec as your Enterprise SaaS messaging partner
Easy access to omnichannel communications

Over the last 15 years, tyntec has built an unmatched global network and developed simple communication APIs to access the mobile world. Combined with our omnichannel communication platform, we do the heavy lifting in telecoms, so you can create epic connections with your customers with minimum effort.

This makes it ideal for Enterprise SaaS platforms to enhance customer and worker communications with global mobile messaging integrations. Contact center, CRM, appointment scheduling, incident management, and employee collaboration systems can provide SMS, chat app messaging, and more. Ultimately, accelerating uptake and avoiding integration issues.