Boost Conversational Marketing

Create campaigns, automate conversations and engage customers in an omnichannel platform.

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Platform Overview

Marketing + CX = Engagement

Reengage inactive users, win back cart abandoners, convert more sales and increase retention rates.


Create powerful campaigns

Extend your marketing toolkit with a campaign module that broadcasts personalized messages to your audience.


Design your unique chatbot

With simple rule creation, you can create custom conversation flows that fit for your company’s needs.


Connect with engagement

Go beyond outbound campaigns. With the multi-agent module, you can answer inquiries about your offers and products.

Omnichannel customer journeys

Engage your customers in their favorite channels, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS and embeddable live-chat.

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Scale marketing outreach

Massive reach
Create and schedule outbound marketing campaigns to proactively start a conversation with your clients via the campaigns module. Send product and event information, promotions, special greetings, and more.

Customer profiles
Create customer profiles and segmentation for targeted campaigns.

Real-time reporting
Analyze your marketing efforts with real-time reports and interactive dashboards as basis for measurable campaigns.

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Bot builder

Create your no-code chatbot

Your tailored chatbot
Design, create and edit automated user experiences without writing a single line of code.

Integrate to AI
AI integrations to analyze large amounts of data, understand and classify intentions or feelings, generate advanced reports, make predictions or suggestions.

Available through external integrations with Amazon Comprehend, IBM Watson or Dialogflow.

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Customer engagement

Make your marketing conversational

Beyond outbound campaigns
Engagement is always a two-way street. Handle customer inquiries with chatbots, agents or both.

Multi-agent platform
Your agents can support multiple clients in parallel, increasing productivity and reducing resolution times.

Complete customer data management
Manage customer information with your CRM tools or business systems, such as ERP.

What you get

Key Features

Get everything you need to create and manage conversational marketing flows.

Client profiling

Build your clients' profiles and use this data to create targeted campaigns for specific audiences.

Conversation data and history

An agent can view profile information, chat history and customer meta-data, using this information to create personalized experiences.

Real-time reporting

Download campaign reports on message delivery and reception status with time stamps. Also, visualize interaction metrics such daily new users and more.

Natural Language Processing

Program your chatbot to understand language ambiguities, syntax, spelling and grammar mistakes with NLP.

Chatbot-Agent Escalation

Complement automated customer service with seamless escalation points to live agents.

Connect with AI

Connect your chatbot with IBM Watson, Amazon Comprehend and Dialogflow for big data analysis.


Your agents can handle chats in parallel. They can send out messages, create priority queues, share internal notes, and more.

Smartphone app

Your agents can use a smartphone app if they are working remotely or on-the-go.

Exchange rich content types

Agents can receive and send a multitude of data, including voice notes, location, images, documents, etc.

Connect it

Integrate with your tech stack

Connect the engagement platform with tools you already use, like Salesforce, Zendesk, Jira, or your own CRM.

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