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Use the intelligence from phone number portability databases and live data. Your campaigns will hit the right people at the right time – and dodge the fraudsters.


number portability

Portability Check

Making sure texts and voice calls are properly routed is difficult. But there are tools to help. Use tyntec’s Portability Check to keep your database clean. It will identify number types (mobile, landline), and help you minimize failed attempts.

Number verification

Number Verification

When it’s critical to determine the transaction risk or raise your chance of conversion at a specific timeframe, turn to tyntec’s Number Verification. By accessing live data about the phone, it helps you identify the network, phone status and geographic data.

Here are some great ways
to use number information in your business



Make the most of
tyntec's advanced features
Fast, accurate information

Phone intelligence at your fingertips, in real-time, powered by privileged access to number portability databases and live network information.

​​​​​​number information

Automated number format correction

Quality assurance at ease. Simplify reformatting of incorrect phone number entries with an automated auto-correct, adapting to local formats and avoiding junk numbers.

number information portability

Easy integration, transparency

Our simple and robust APIs are developer-friendly. Your team can test and integrate them with minimal friction. Our real-time dashboards bring transparency into our performance.

number information

which service works best for you

number information portability

    How to decide
    When to use number information
    • To optimize your route for the best cost and highest delivery rates
    • To improve communications ROI while delivering better quality of service
    • To strengthen authentication methods to detect and block fraudsters


    Number Information made easy
    This is how it works
    number information portability



      1. Enterprise connects to tyntec’s platform via a simple Number Information API, before starting any customer outreach.
      2. tyntec’s phone intelligence engine checks the numbers in the Enterprise’s database via number portability databases, and/or queries all corresponding operator networks for live data.
      3.  tyntec’s phone intelligence returns the data to Enterprise in real time. The information is available in our online Business Center.
      4. Enterprise updates customer data with the correct information, and/or sends messages/places calls to customers via the right network.
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