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We enable network operators to exchange subscriber SMS and MMS messages quickly, easily, and reliably across the US and the world.

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As a US inter-carrier vendor (ICV), with the network infrastructure built from the ground up using the latest in modern technology, tyntec simplifies text and multimedia messaging interoperability between fixed-line and mobile networks, across different technologies and protocols.

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High performance infrastructure

Our scalable infrastructure is designed to handle the rapid growth that the messaging industry is experiencing – and anticipating. We provide 100% uptime and 99.9% delivery rate – with unlimited message throughput.

Global reach

By providing a single access point to over 800 mobile operators across 150+ countries, we simplify connectivity and settlement while reducing operating costs for our operator customers.

Top customer service

Building on our reputation for top customer service, we provide 24/7 customer service supported by knowledgeable staffers and proactive monitoring tools.

Inter-carrier messaging made simple
This is how it works

Operator icms

  1. Operator sends an SMS/MMS to tyntec.
  2. tyntec performs number resolution and formats the message transmission to ensure messaging interoperability.
  3. tyntec routes the message to the terminating operator.
  4. The terminating operator receives the message.
  5. tyntec provides the delivery receipt to the originating operator.
  6. tyntec provides message detail records (MDRs) to both operators for billing settlements and records.
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