WhatsApp Business API operations FAQs.

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Can I check if a user's phone number is enabled for WhatsApp?

Currently, we do not offer an API to check if a user's phone number is WhatsApp enabled. WhatsApp requires businesses to collect an active user opt-in, in order to message them via WhatsApp. Hence, we recommend that you ask users if they have a WhatsApp enabled number.

Sending a WhatsApp message to a phone number that is not WhatsApp enabled will fail and fallback to SMS.

Check more information about Phone Numbers in our Tech Docs.

What rich content can I share with customers on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp supports a diversity of rich media, including media files (images and documents), preview URLs, geolocations, videos, audio recordings, and more.

With tyntec's API, many of these features are readily available. Find out more in our Tech Docs

How can I find my Facebook Business Manager ID?

To setup your account, tyntec needs your Facebook Business Manager ID.

The Facebook Business Manager ID corresponds to your Business Manager, the central platform where you can manage your ads, manage assets such as Pages and add accounts, and even add an agency or partners (like tyntec) to help manage your business; in this case, the WhatsApp Business Account (WABA).

Please note that this is different than your Facebook Page ID, which is basically your brand page on Facebook.

How you can differentiate those two:

Page IDs are generally 15 characters long and only include numbers. BM IDs are 16 characters and also only include numbers. Examples:

  • Page ID: 351375275435803 (15 characters)
  • BM ID: 1791147717848878 (16 characters)

To get your Facebook Business Manager ID, you need to sign up at Once signed up, this is how you can find this information:

  1. Go to Business Settings.
  2. Click Business Info.
  3. Below the Business Manager Info section you'll see your ID number.

This is how you should see your Facebook Business Manager ID:

In case you don't have yet a Business Manager, this is how you can create it:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Create Account.
  3. Enter a name for your business, select the primary Page and enter your name and work email address
  4. Enter your information in the rest of the required fields.

Note: If you don't yet have a Page for your business, create one, as this is needed to setup your Facebook Business Account.

How can I send messages to WhatsApp groups or manage groups?

tyntec supports Group Messaging, enabling you to achieve greater personalization for your WhatsApp engagement. 

This feature allows multiple agents or advisors to converse with customers using dedicated Group Profiles, making it possible to manage 1-2-1 relationships more efficiently . Businesses with premium/VIP services, dedicated counselors, consulting and more can greatly benefit from this add-on.

For more information, please check the Group Messaging section on the Tech Docs.

Is it possible to port an external number outside of tyntec to use WhatsApp?

Yes. Differently from other WhatsApp Business solution providers, tyntec does not require a tyntec number to use our API for WhatsApp. You can bring your own number – mobile or landline – to your customer conversations, making use of an existing phone number (as long as it hasn’t been used on WhatsApp before).

In Germany, you can also utilize the same phone number for voice calls and extend with WhatsApp and SMS. This enables you to manage all interactions on one number, ensuring a seamless, omnichannel experience for your customers.

Find out more information about Phone Numbers in our Tech Docs

How can I get the API key to finalize my WhatsApp Business Account setup?

Once your account has been setup and activated, deploy the API to get started with your WhatsApp Business Account (WABA). To get your API key, you have to sign up to tyntec’s Business Center.

To the right, click on “API Settings” and then on the button “New API key” at the top:

tyntec employees will not ask you for the key itself, but we do need the name next to the key. We will associate your WABA to this account and you can access it using the key provided in the Business Center.

We will associate your WABA to this account and you can access it using the key provided in the Business Center.

Check also our API reference for the deployment phase.

For more information, please check our Tech Docs.

Deploying the API

After your phone number has been verified, you’re now ready to integrate tyntec’s API for WhatsApp Business Solution! Check out our API reference and start deploying with ease.

To deploy your API, you will need to get an API key, which you can retrieve from our Business Center portal (see directions above to retrieve your key). If you haven’t signed up yet, please create an account.

Finalizing the Tech Setup

To finalize the technical setup, you’ll need to provide an https endpoint for incoming notifications and/or messages. You can specify a different endpoint for each type of incoming communication (messages and notifications). Also, please note that the certificate used for securing communications must be signed by an official Certificate Authority (CA). We recommend that you prepared the certificate in advance as the official CA may take a few days.

Congratulations, you’re now ready to chat with your customers on WhatsApp! We recommend you to test, monitor and measure the outcome — and scale up!