WhatsApp Basics

Learn the basics of WhatsApp Business solution here!

What verified or confirmed options do I have for my business in WhatsApp? How do they appear in the app?

To run your customer interactions on WhatsApp, you need to be seen as a WhatsApp Business Account (also known as WABA). There are two types of WhatsApp Business Account: 

Name Description
Official Business Account WhatsApp has verified that an authentic brand owns this account. An Official Business Account has a green checkmark badge in its profile and next to the header in the chat thread. The name of the business is visible even if the user hasn't added the business to their address book, and will be visible in the chat list, chat screens, chat groups, and contacts view instead of the phone number.
Business Account Any account that is using the WhatsApp Business API is by default a Business Account. The verified brand name will only be shown, in smaller text, in the contacts view; all other views will show the phone number. You can help customers learn more about your company by filling out your business info, including business website, address, and hours.

For more information, please check out our Tech Docs.

What are the options I can use for WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp has launched 2 official solutions for businesses: 

Usually aimed at medium to large enterprises, but small companies can use it, too. From the enterprise point of view, it may be unclear what business solution to use. Small companies may need scalability, too; which the app does not provide. The choice of the most appropriate WhatsApp Business solution transcends the size of a company; it's also about how embedded the WhatsApp Business solution will be in your customer engagement, the intensity of interactions, and the scalability you need. Hence, companies usually considered small can also benefit from the WhatsApp Business API. The WhatsApp Business API is provided directly by WhatsApp or via official solution providers like tyntec.

How does the application process work? What information do I need to share with WhatsApp?

First, sign up here to go through the WhatsApp approval process.

Once you’ve signed up, tyntec will add your company to WhatsApp approval process and monitor it accordingly. Once approved, the next step is to fill in our “Set Up Your WhatsApp Business Account” form.

In this form, you will need to provide the key information for your WABA (WhatsApp Business Account), such as your Facebook Business Manager ID, phone number, etc. You can also submit your first message templates in this form. If you need to submit more message templates or make any changes, you can simply send them to

What’s the WhatsApp Business API?

The WhatsApp Business API is the official commercial solution that enables businesses to communicate with customers on the largest chat app worldwide. Companies can use WhatsApp Business API for customer service, notifications, reminders, and much more. Until recently, WhatsApp only allowed private messaging. Now, enterprises can take advantage of WhatsApp’s billions of users combined with business features and security standards.

What are the advantages of using an official provider for the WhatsApp Business API?

The key difference is whether you prefer keeping this service in-house or have a third part run this for you. When partnering directly with WhatsApp you have access to the API, but still have to host, maintain, update, and scale your network accordingly.

As an authorized WhatsApp Business solution provider, tyntec eliminates the operational overhead of maintaining your own WhatsApp network integration. This requires hosting, scaling, monitoring, and even troubleshooting WhatsApp software clients and third party databases in your own cloud infrastructure.

With tyntec, we guide you through the entire WhatsApp Business API approval, onboarding process, and technical installation. As chat app messaging increases in importance for customer communications, you can benefit by accessing major communication platforms — such as Facebook Messenger and Viber — from our platform-agnostic Chat API, facilitating your communications mix from one integration point.

How do I start using the WhatsApp Business solution with tyntec?

You can request access with our contact form Once registered, our customer success team will guide you through the next steps.

Do I need to request Facebook or WhatsApp directly for approval of my business account?

No. tyntec manages the approval process directly with WhatsApp Business API on your behalf. Once approved, we will get in touch to guide you through the onboarding process. To get started, fill out this form requesting access.

Do customers need to opt-in to receive WhatsApp messages from my business?

Yes. Your customers must consent to receive messages in the WhatsApp Business API. This can be done by opting via a third channel — such as your website, app, email, SMS, retail location, etc. Also, the user must actively opt-in — by entering a phone number, checking a box in a form, or another action to indicate consent. You can find more information on how to setup opt-ins here.

Once the user is opted-in, you can initiate a conversation with your customer with a pre-approved message template.