WhatsApp Business API | Sending Invites for Video Meetings

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Would you like to invite your WhatsApp contacts to your video meetings? Then you’ve come to the right place. We have prepared three options for you: one leveraging the Zapier, one for the Microsoft Outlook, and one for those who need a direct API integration. 

In this guide, you will learn how to automatically invite your WhatsApp contacts to your meetings, no matter which video conferencing app you're using.

More options with API integration

Similar to our Whereby guide, you can use Zoom's create a meeting, Skype for Business's schedule a meeting, or WebEx's create a meeting. If you are using Teams for your meetings, you can leverage its GraphQL to create a meeting.

const apiResponse = await axios.post(
       "the create room endpoint",
// Then call the sending function with the meetingUrl from res
const messageData = {
         from: appConfig.waba,
         to: number,
         channel: 'whatsapp',
         content: {
           contentType: 'template',
           template: {
             templateId: appConfig.templateId,
             templateLanguage: appConfig.templateLanguage,
             components: {
               body: [{
                 type: 'text',
                 text: meetingUrl,
       await axios.post(

Another way is to use webhooks or Push notifications. They can notify your app about new meetings. Then, your app will send the invite WhatsApp template message. The steps are:

1. Subscribe a webhook to your app (for example, see the Zoom meeting webhook that allows you to invite others when you join your meeting).

2. Receive info about the meeting and parsing its URL.

3. [Recommended] Fetch contact list from your CRM

4. Send the invitation with the meeting URL.