October 2021

Welcome to tyntec’s release notes for October 2021! Learn what’s new in our products below.

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What’s New
Product What’s New Description
Conversations API / Viber Unified services in one Viber Business Profile Viber’s three messaging types have been unified into a single channel with all services included.
Conversations API / Viber File sharing and receiving Use the brand-new file sharing feature on Viber.
Conversations API / WhatsApp Integration with Cognigy.AI Integrate a simple Cognigy.AI agent to reply to WhatsApp messages with a virtual agent.
Conversations API / WhatsApp Integration with Shopify Integrate Shopify notifications with the WhatsApp channel to send out time-sensitive messages to your customer.
Conversations API / WhatsApp & Conversations Inbox Product Catalog Messages (beta) Showcase and share your products and services, connected with your inventory on Facebook.

Unified message services in one Viber Business Profile

Up until now, Viber has offered up to three individual messaging services to brands: 1WAY, 2WAY, and Sessions, with each service eligible for an individual monthly minimum spend. 

To help brands successfully untangle this potential knot of IDs and messaging types, Viber has taken the three messaging types and unified them into a single channel, all managed via a single Business ID. This is now supported on tyntec’s Conversations API for Viber.


Your benefits:

  • Use all message types and pay the monthly minimum spend per business ID instead of separate sender IDs. 
  • Use your current Viber Business Profile with a standard two-way setup  (automatically migrated by Viber). Send and receive messages without the need to create a new sender ID. 
  • Sessions - user-initiated messages - are available for your Viber profile as well.

Handling two-way messages:

  • If you’ve had a one-way channel to date, your Viber Business Profile now supports two-way automatically. 
  • Each business can decide whether or not they want to receive user messages by setting up the necessary message URL. At tyntec, we offer a message URL by default, but this can be deactivated per customer request. 
  • Suppose you do not want a message URL. In that case, Viber will send users an automatic autoreply indicating that the business will not receive their messages, prompting the user to navigate to the business profile page for an alternative point of contact.  

File sharing and receiving on Viber Business Messages

Like Viber’s private and group chats, brands and customers can now share different file types, so long as they are no bigger than 200MB:

  • Documents including .pdf, .doc, and .docx
  • Spreadsheets including .xls and .xlsx
  • Text files including .txt, .rtf, .dot, .dotx, .odt, .odf, .fodt, and .info
  • Graphic formats including .xps, .pdax, and .eps.

This functionality is ideal for booking confirmations, pricing, invoices, and more.

Viber File Share

Integration with Cognigy.AI

Answer customers' WhatsApp messages with a virtual agent with Cognigy.AI. 

Cognigy.AI, the leading platform for building advanced  Conversational Automation Solutions through the use of cognitive bots, provides a powerful low-code UI to create human-like Virtual Agents, faster and easier than ever! 

This tutorial will show you how to integrate a simple Cognigy.AI agent with the WhatsApp channel in the Conversations API. 

🎁 Note that this integration is already included in your WhatsApp package! 

⚠️ A subscription to Cognigy.AI service is not included.

Integration with Shopify

Integrate Shopify notifications with the WhatsApp channel in the tyntec Conversations API. This integration allows you to send out time-sensitive messages that need to be looked at right away by your customer.

🎁 Note that this integration is already included in your WhatsApp package! 

⚠️ A subscription to Shopify service is not included.

Product Catalog Messages on the Conversations API for WhatsApp

Businesses using the WhatsApp Business API can showcase and share their products and services with customers to browse items and add them to a cart without leaving the chat. That means a more straightforward conversational approach that connects with customers throughout the buyer journey, reducing abandoned carts and increasing sales conversions. This is now possible with the Product Catalog Messages feature.

Product Catalog Messages

Businesses have two options to share products when chatting with their customers:

  • Multi-Product Messages: Messages containing a selection of up to 30 items from a business’ inventory.
  • Single Product Messages: Messages with a single product item from the business’ inventory. The product is displayed in a Product Detail Page (PDP) format.

Benefits of using WhatsApp Product Catalog Messages include:

  • Now, businesses do not need to send a URL when customers ask a simple question like “do you sell product X?”. With Product Catalog Messages, companies can easily showcase their products. 

  • Keep the customer engaged in one channel. The more fragmented the buyer journey with multiple channels, the less likely it is to convert. 

  • The content is populated dynamically so that it can be personalized to the customer or situation. For example, you can show a Multi-Product Message of a customer’s most frequently ordered items.

  • No message templates are needed!

  • Interactive messages do not require templates or pre-approvals. They are generated in real-time and will always reflect your inventory’s latest item details, pricing, and stock levels.

  • Combining the features with navigation tools like NLP, text search, or List Messages and Reply Buttons to get to what the customer is looking for quickly.

ℹ️ Check the API reference to learn more.

Customers using the Conversations Inbox can use the Commerce tab on the menu to showcase products and services to their customers.

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