Server Setup in 5 minutes

In this 5-minute lesson, we will show you how to set up a minimalistic server. Once set up, the server will allow you to receive events – messages and notifications – from tyntec’s Chat API.

For this quick session we will use – a platform that allows everyone to build something for the web. The basic project will be taken from –  our public Github repository.

Before we start

Make sure that you already have access to WhatsApp via tyntec. If you don't have access yet, head over to our WhatsApp Business Setup.

Let’s start

First, go to and ask for a New Project .


Once you’re there, select Clone from Git Repo and choose as the basic repository.

In the newly created project, please click now Share. In the menu, select Live App and choose to Copy the URL presented there.

You can now open this URL in a new browser tab and see a minimalistic interface with 2 headlines “Messages” and “Notifications.”

Now, send the URL to tyntec by email so that we can set up the configuration accordingly.


After receiving the confirmation that the webhook was set up, you can start sending messages; and the notifications and user messages will appear on the app.

Hint: you need to reload the page to see updates