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Teams are an easy and flexible way to organize your agents. You decide who belongs in each team. Each team can be assigned an email address, so your team doesn’t miss out on important notifications.

Businesses use teams to reflect the organization of larger customer support teams. For example, a company with specialists for certain topics can create a team to handle incoming customer questions better, by assigning a conversation to a dedicated team. 

Other businesses with customer support agents for different countries and languages can create a team to differentiate incoming customer questions by region or language. 

You may also want to create teams to differentiate between departments / divisions, like sales and customer support. It’s up to you which teams you want to create.

Different teams can either have access to the same channels, or only selected channels. This way you can set up for example a team per country or time-zone, which can only access the channels you’ve assigned to them. 

Team channels allow you to assign only certain channels so that team members can only receive and write over their assigned channel. This flexibility allows you to set up for example one WhatsApp Business Profile per team.

Create your team

  1. Teams Management
    Head over to ‘Teams’ in the menu under ‘Navigation’. Here you see all teams that are already setup.
  2. Add a new team
    Select the orange ‘Add’ button on the top.
  3. Team details
    In the first step, fill-in the details about your team.
  4. Team channels
    Select the channels your team is assigned to. Note that only those channels will be visible to the team.
  5. Team members
    Select the agents you want to assign to the team. 

Team Notifications

If you wish to receive email notifications on your team email address, please get in touch with us at Support Inbox can be configured to send notifications to a team, if a new conversation is assigned to the team. Another use case for team notifications can be to receive a transcript of closed conversations via email.

Team Phone Number

The phone number you assign to a team serves mainly 2 purposes: 

  • One is to provide for agents in a team direct contact information to a different team. 
  • The second purpose is used in case you have enabled Apple Business Chat. You can show the phone number directly on your website, e.g. for different locations. The Support Inbox then routes the chat message directly to your team’s phone number. If you wish to use the phone number for Apple Business Chat, please get in touch with us at

Google Place ID

If you wish to use Google Business Messages with Support Inbox, you can use the Google Place ID to map a location with a specific team. Messages that come in from the specified Google Place ID will then be routed directly to your team.

Learn more about Google Business Messages