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Learn how to upload contact lists and send individual messages to each recipient from your list.

Lists are a great way of sending a list of your customers a single message, without having to send each one the message manually. You can create different lists for each channel in your Support Inbox. A list of contacts can be uploaded as a CSV-file.

Note: the CSV-file must be formatted either with commas or semicolons.


Lists can only work with channels that use a static identifier for your end-user. That is why lists only work for channels that use the users phone number as an identifier, such as WhatsApp, Viber and SMS. Channels like Facebook Messenger or Apple Business Chat use random IDs to identify a user, therefore you can’t reach out to the user via the Lists feature.

Create your list

  1. Create your contact list in Excel or any other table processing tool that can output CSV-files. 
  2. The first column should contain the phone number, which has to be formatted in an international phone number format. E.g. +4989202451100
  3. The second column should contain the contact name 
  4. The third column can contain a reference, for example an internal customer ID (e.g. your Salesforce customer ID).

You can download our example CSV-file here.

Customized lists

If you wish to add more columns, like additional customer information, that should show in the contact of your Support Inbox, please get in touch with us at Let us know which columns you want to use with the lists feature. 

Upload your list

  1. Navigate to the ‘Contacts’ menu on the left and open it
  2. Select ‘Lists’ in the menu 
  3. Select the orange ‘Add’ button on the top
  4. Choose a name for the list, so you can identify the list after is has been uploaded 
    1. You can add an optional reference and remarks
  5. Select the channel you want to associate the list to, then select ‘Next’ 
  6. Import the CSV-file from your system 
  7. After the upload has finished it will display all contacts identified by Support Inbox
  8. Select ‘Import’ to finish the import. 

 New lists appear on the left.

Send messages to a list

  1. Select the list you want to send a message to
  2. Enter your message in the input or select a quick reply
  3. Send the message.