Support Inbox | Overview & Basics

For companies that need a web-based interface to manage customer conversations on chat apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger & co., tyntec offers an easy-to-use Support Inbox. Agents can easily provide support with seamless integration of message templates and quick replies, and more.

UI Chat Messaging Dashboard | tyntec


The use messaging technologies for customer service is likely to keep growing the world over. For brands, this means a shift in how to support customers, from voice and email to SMS, WhatsApp and other popular chat apps. While many brands integrate chat apps onto their existing CRM, contact center or other SaaS, there’s a need for a simple web-based User Interface (UI) that can be used exclusively for social messaging, either because it may be more manageable, or because companies lack developer resources to integrate chat apps onto their customer engagement platforms.

tyntec’s Support Inbox is a powerful platform that enables brands to orchestrate chat conversations with easy agent routing, seamless integration of message templates and useful features like “quick replies” and out of office notifications. It’s also possible to integrate chatbots and AI functions, and access a variety of analytics via a simple API.

WhatsApp Integration

tyntec’s Support Inbox has integrated the WhatsApp Business API by default.

For companies that wish to use this UI for WhatsApp, the same approval and setup process apply to gain access to the WhatsApp Business program. Please check more information here on how to apply and setup your WhatsApp Business Account (WABA).

How to Setup

Support Inbox customers first need to complete the Set Up form with the information needed to create a WhatsApp Business Account. In there, customers define:

Once the WhatsApp Business Account is ready, it’s time to setup the Inbox. Customers need to provide:

  • All e-mail addresses that should be registered (agents)
  • All e-mail addresses that should have admin rights
  • Data retention period, meaning after which time should the uploaded data be deleted – default is 90 days.

With all this information we will set up your Inbox, connect it with your number, templates and then send you and the users activation links.

You can activate your agents’ emails here: https://cmd.tyntec.com/login/activate

How to activate Twitter

To activate Twitter, simply click on this link: https://twitter.eazy.im/authenticate/request

Once you have clicked on the Authorize app button, you can link the account to the Support Inbox.

How to activate Facebook Messenger

You can connect your Facebook Messenger by clicking on this link: https://messenger.eazy.im/connect. 

From there, you will need to:

1. Login with Facebook (with your own account or the company account, as long as you are able to connect with your company Facebook Page)

2. Select the Page you want to connect and click Connect to Eazy.

3. Manage options of what the Inbox "Eazy" is allowed to do.

4. Done!

Both Facebook Messenger and Twitter can be connected to our Support Inbox in less than five minutes.