tyntec’s Support Inbox is a simple yet powerful omnichannel platform to manage all your customer conversations in one place. 

With Support Inbox, you can respond to inquiries and reach out to leads and customers with notifications, promotions, and loyalty/retention messages. 

The platform supports nearly all messaging channels, including WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct Messages, SMS, your webchat, and more. 

Check an overview of the Support Inbox in this short product tour video.

Setting up your Support Inbox company account

Creating a Support Inbox company account starts with the setup of your desired channels. 

By default, the Support Inbox is offered with a WhatsApp Business Profile as a package. 

In case you wish to use the Support Inbox without WhatsApp, get in touch here.

First steps

The Support Inbox provides an intuitive interface for your agents (and chatbots) to interact with your customers. There are many rich features you can benefit from, such as:

  • Omnichannel inbox
  • Multi-agent and teams
  • Agent-to-agent and agent-to-team handover
  • Internal chat
  • Rich media
  • Message templates and quick replies 
  • CRM integrations a
  • And more. 

ℹ️ Check all Support Inbox features here.


Leverage WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram Direct Messages, and more in one platform. With the Support Inbox, you can capture messages from all your messaging channels without switching to another tool.

Also, add your own web chat and standardize your messaging communications in one place. 

Security & GDPR

The Support Inbox takes security seriously and is GDPR compliant. It is also in line with the standards and practices of each channel the platform supports.

Support Inbox API

The Support Inbox also provides a JSON REST API to connect to social messaging platforms like WhatsApp Business, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM, Viber, LINE, and more.

The API helps you manage channels, contacts, and conversations if you prefer to handle those tasks programmatically.

ℹ️ Check the Support Inbox API reference.


You’ve your company account ready, so now it’s time to learn the main functions of the Support Inbox. Check tutorials on adding agents and creating teams, broadcast messages, create quick replies, and more.


Did you know you can connect a Support Inbox account with your CRM system, AI/chatbots, and more? While we offer as part of our service - and therefore, no extra cost charged - a tailored integration for you, we also provide integration guides for:

✉️ If your system is not listed and you would like to connect Support Inbox with your CRM, AI, or any other system, just contact our Onboarding Team at


Finally, if your questions haven’t been answered, use our comprehensive FAQs covering the following topics:

✉️ In case you still have questions, get in touch here.