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The Support Inbox integrates all standard tyntec API features for WhatsApp & co., including image, video, location – and more.

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  • Your WhatsApp Business Account: your WABA is integrated into the Inbox. Your agents can see all incoming messages in your inbox, sending and receiving messages directly from the interface.
  • Agent Routing: conversations can easily be assigned to agents. The “Inbox” shows all the conversations, while “Yours” shows all the conversations assigned to a particular agent.
  • Conversation Management: agents can easily view all the open and closed conversations. Depending on the characteristics of each conversation, agents can apply “labels” that work as filters, such as “priority”, “tech support”, etc. This helps agents to better assign inquiries to internal experts.
  • Message Templates: you can initiate conversations with pre-approved templates, that are seamlessly integrated into the Inbox. More information about Message Templates.
  • Quick replies: there are certain customer questions that can be answered in a standardized manner. Companies can optimize the agents’ time by creating “quick replies”, providing standardized answers to common questions. These can be easily integrated in the same “message templates” field, though they don’t require any approval by WhatsApp.
  • Send Rich Media: all multimedia formats supported by tyntec’s API are offered in the Inbox, such as images, videos, locations, documents and more.
  • Chatbots and AI: the Inbox supports the integration of chatbots and AI features.
  • Configure Channels: create auto-replies, add business hours, greeting messages and more.
  • Smart Detection: the Inbox can detect when the support window is closed, automatically deactivating the conversation field until the agent selects a message template. 

Conversations on your Inbox

Message Templates

Companies that want initiate conversations on WhatsApp need message templates, pre-approved messages that serve for notifications, updates and reminders.

The Support Inbox seamlessly integrates all of your message templates. All your agents need to do is to click on the square at the right of the conversation to see an overview of all approved message templates. Once selected, the agent has to manually change the variables for the conversation.

Dashboard Message Templates Chat UI Tech Docs

Quick Replies

Once the customer replies, opening the 24-hour support window, your agents can send rich media messages (images, videos, locations, documents, etc.) and even utilizing “quick replies”. In the same field dedicated to message templates, your agents can create, use and select quick replies to provide a standardized answer to common customer questions. The agent can decide whether the “quick reply” should be available just to his/her own use or to the entire team. 

Quick Replies Chat UI Tech Docs


Not every company provides 24-hour customer support. If that’s your case, you can create an auto-reply that is automatically sent to all inquiries after a certain time of the day. This helps to set expectations and avoids customer frustration.

Chat UI Auto Replies Tech Docs

Contact Management

Agents can add more information about the customers that send messages via WhatsApp and co. The tool allows agents to “edit contact”, “create notes”, “add to favorites” and even “block contact” (in case of abuse). The option “delete” is also possible and in line with GDPR guidelines.

How to add contacts

Step 1: Go to menu and click on "Contacts"

Another option is to click on "more" and then "add contact".

Step 2: fill out contact details and choose the channel

Step 3: choose the relevant list

Step 4: add contact to the list

Sending a message to a new contact

Look up the contact under "Contacts"

Click on the contact and choose the relevant Message Template:


Agents can also add contacts and filter conversations with labels, e.g. “priority”.

Chat UI Support Priority Tech Docs

Companies that want to connect the Inbox with their CRM system to contextualize conversations can do so via an API integration. Contact us for more details.

Group Messaging

Companies that want to cultivate more personalized relationships can make use of the Group Messaging feature, by default integrated onto the Chat Messaging Dashboard. Agents can invite contacts to add a group with an “invite link”.

We are announcing the deprecation of Groups through the WhatsApp Business API. The Groups API node will stop accepting any new WhatsApp Business API client phone numbers on July 6, 2020 and end for all WhatsApp Business API client phone numbers on Oct 6, 2020. Please begin migrating calls using this endpoint to avoid any disruption. 

Chat UI Group Message API Docs

Group messaging is helpful to create personalized customer experiences, such as servicing VIP clients, when launching products/services with a focus group and more. Check in here our blog post to find out the many possibilities of Group Messaging

Multiple Channels

Currently, tyntec supports WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Twitter for the Support Inbox. More channels are planned, including Viber and SMS.

For your convenience, you can cherry-pick your preferred messaging channels, e.g. WhatsApp. In case you desire new or other chat apps or SMS to be included, please do let us know.

Chat UI Multiple Support Channels Tech Docs