How can I get started with my first WhatsApp message templates?

WhatsApp has specific requirements and policies regarding message templates.

    Here’s how you can get started

    WhatsApp requires that brands first create standardized Message Templates for vetting by the platform so that all of its strict messaging polices are adhered to. For instance, the platform has a zero tolerance policy towards any kind of marketing or advertising in messaging content, and a failure to adhere to such rules will see businesses banned from the service, sometimes permanently.

    Message templates themselves are deployed when a company wishes to initiate a conversation with a customer — so consider all relevant contexts when creating them.

    Also, message templates support text and media, including images, PDFs, videos, localizations, interactive buttons, and more. Learn more about media message templates here. All of these are already included in your pricing – there are no hidden fees for supporting media message templates!

    You have two options to submit message templates with tyntec:

    Last but not least, check our Documentation Center for more information on do’s and don’ts when creating message templates.