Does tyntec support chatbots and automation for WhatsApp?

Customers are increasingly demanding ever faster responses to their requests so use automation — in particular chatbots — to keep them onside.

    The tyntec API enables companies to integrate chatbots into their CX strategy. Generally, we provide preconfigured chatbots with specialized partners in a few industries:

    To automate conversations, tyntec is able to partner businesses with automation experts including Cognigy, Air Touch Media, and Swiftell. It also offers access to pre-built integration solutions such as Dialogflow, Rasa, and Microsoft Bot Framework to help in the design and roll out of chatbots within WhatsApp Business.

    For more information, deep dive into tyntec's automation resources including The Ultimate WhatsApp Chatbot Guide and How WhatsApp Chatbots Jumpstart Conversational Commerce.

    Get in touch with us in case you have an automation/chatbot project with WhatsApp Business at whatsapp@tyntec.com.