How much does tyntec charge for WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business pricing with tyntec has the following elements:

  • Monthly fee: tyntec offers three packages with a monthly fee (starter, growth and enterprise), and each of them will have certain services and benefits included, such as a certain number of message templates and WhatsApp Business Accounts. Have a look at our Pricing Packages
  • Messaging fees:
    • tyntec charges a flat rate for sending and receiving messages of EUR 0.004 on a pay-as-you-go basis. Depending on your package, your incoming messages (messages your customers send to you) may be waived.
    • WhatsApp also charges a fee for each message your company sends. There is no WhatsApp fees for incoming messages from your customers. WhatsApp fees are calculated on a country-basis. Please have a look here.

tyntec does NOT charge setup fees.

If you are a technology provider, we’re happy to adjust pricing according to your platform. Please get in touch with us to discuss at whatsapp@tyntec.com