What are the advantages of using an official provider for the WhatsApp Business API?

The key difference is whether you prefer keeping this service in-house or have a third part run this for you. When partnering directly with WhatsApp you have access to the API, but still have to host, maintain, update, and scale your network accordingly.

As an authorized WhatsApp Business solution provider, tyntec eliminates the operational overhead of maintaining your own WhatsApp network integration. This requires hosting, scaling, monitoring, and even troubleshooting WhatsApp software clients and third party databases in your own cloud infrastructure.

With tyntec, we guide you through the entire WhatsApp Business API approval, onboarding process, and technical installation. As chat app messaging increases in importance for customer communications, you can benefit by accessing major communication platforms — such as Facebook Messenger and Viber — from our platform-agnostic Conversations API, facilitating your communications mix from one integration point.

Also, in case you're looking into integrating with your existing system, like Salesforce, Hubspot, Slack, etc., you can find pre-built integrations here.

In case you need a platform to handle your customer conversations on WhatsApp, tyntec offers the Support Inbox.

All of these additional features and technical support are only possible when you partner with tyntec.