What’s the monthly minimum spend?

Viber’s monthly minimum spend is the minimum consumption a company is required to pay per month.

Because Viber charges only per message/session, it’s important that companies commit a minimum spend to continue with a business profile. This is required by Viber and has also the goal to avoid setting up many accounts that turn out to be inactive or with very low usage. 

A company is billed a minimum monthly fee for each Business ID. For example: if a service is created on February 2nd/16th/28th, the minimum fee will apply in March. No extra charges are applied if the minimum fee is reached organically.

Countries Minimum monthly fee
Belarus, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Iraq, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine EUR 150
All others EUR 100

In addition: 

  • The minimum monthly fee is based on the destinations you have open. If the minimum fee varies between destinations, the highest fee applies for the Business ID.
  • The monthly minimum applies if a business is registered and has an active sender ID.
  • The minimum fee is calculated monthly and not accumulating.