What’s the price for Viber Business Messages?

With Viber, you pay only for the messages you sent. We don’t charge any monthly or setup fee for Viber.

At the same time, Viber requires a minimum spend of messages per country – and the amount depends on the chat app’s penetration in that particular territory. For example, as Russia is one of Viber’s top countries, the minimum message spend there is EUR 150/monthly. Germany, on the other hand, does not figure in Viber’s top penetration locations, so the minimum spend there is only EUR 100/monthly. These apply for both promotional and transactional messages, in any of the services it supports (one-way, two-way or Sessions).

Each messaging service is priced differently and rates may vary seasonally.

Please check our Viber Pricing here.

If a Business is registered and has an active ID, the monthly minimum spend applies. However, In order to help companies to get started on the right foot, Viber waives the minimum spend in the first month. For example: if service for a Business is created on February 2nd / 16th/ 28th – monthly fee for such service will only be applied from March.

Also important to know:

  • A business service can be deactivated a maximum 3 times a year- after that, it will be blacklisted and it will be Viber’s sole discretion whether or not to reactivate it.
  • The minimum fee is calculated on a monthly basis and not accumulating.
  • A business service can be reactivated if it was deactivated in the past.

In case you have any questions, get in touch at viber@tyntec.com.