What’s the price for Viber Business Messages?

There’s no monthly or setup fee with Viber Business by tyntec. You only pay for the messages you send.

Viber Pricing Overview

  • Each messaging service (promotional, transactional, sessions) is priced differently and rates may vary seasonally.
  • Viber requires a monthly minimum spend per service (one-way, two-way, sessions) AND per country. The amount depends on the Viber’s penetration in a particular territory.
  • The monthly minimum applies if a business is registered and has an active sender ID.
  • The minimum fee is calculated on a monthly basis and not accumulating.
Countries Minimum spend
Belarus, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Iraq, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine EUR 150
All others EUR 100

Important to know

  • For the first calendar month, Viber waives the monthly minimum fee. For example: if a service is created on February 2nd/16th/28th, the monthly fee will be applied in March.
  • If a business has signed up for different services (one-way, two-way, sessions), the monthly minimum spend applies to each service (not per company or sender ID).
  • A business sender ID can be deactivated up to 3 times a year. If it’s deactivated more than 3 times, the company can be blacklisted by Viber and may not have the option to reactivate the account.

✉️ A business service can be reactivated if it was deactivated in the past by getting in touch with onboarding@tyntec.com