What’s the importance of direct connections for A2P SMS delivery?

A direct connection is a route that an SMS provider like tyntec has setup directly with an operator or network within a country. Having a direct connection means that an SMS provider can avoid hops via middlemen (aka other SMS gateways) to access the country’s mobile subscribers. This is the strongest type of routing available in the A2P SMS market because the SMS is routed directly to the operator, without relying on hops that may compromise the reliability, security or latency of your business text message.

There are various reasons to rely on Business SMS Messaging via direct connections. Here are a few:

  • Messaging-Security: Operators are actively shutting down indirect routes. Usually this is because those routes rarely pay anything to network operators for delivering text messages to subscribers. The carrier may block this type of routing without any warning, compromising delivery rates and latency for your business SMS messages. If you have time-sensitive or relevant traffic, such as 2FA messages or time-critical alerts, your SMS message should be sent via direct connections whenever possible.
  • Higher delivery rates: Because SMS messages are sent directly to the mobile operators, your delivery rate will be much higher than if your text messages were to be transmitted via indirect routes. Even though direct connections are usually more expensive than indirect routes, the overall reliability and route quality is superior. In addition, in the unlikely event of a route going down with a direct connection, secondary routes are available to ensure messages are delivered.
  • Concatenated & Unicode Support: Direct connections allow you to send A2P SMS supported by Unicode and give you the ability to send two- or three-part messages (concatenated SMS). This type of messaging support is usually limited with indirect routes.
  • Dynamic Sender IDs: The vast majority of direct connections allow for a fully dynamic Sender ID for one-way SMS delivery.
  • Two-way SMS: Direct connections give you the option to send two-way SMS, in addition to one-way messaging. To use two-way SMS, a rental of a virtual number is required for most countries in order to receive replies.
  • Reliable Delivery Reports: Delivery information from direct connections is usually more accurate than indirect routes. Delivery reports are also obtained directly from the mobile operator handling the traffic and can be viewed in tyntec’s Business Center.

Overall, when direct connections are used, your SMS delivery rates are more reliable and secure.