How much does tyntec charge for the Conversations Inbox?

The Conversations Inbox gives you a web-based user interface to orchestrate chat conversations. With this powerful platform, you can manage omnichannel conversations and enable your agents to easily communicate with your customers in a cost-effective manner.

Pricing Overview for the Conversations Inbox

The Conversations Inbox is charged with a monthly subscription that includes:

  • Active Phone Numbers associated with your WhatsApp + other chat app accounts (incl. Viber, Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM, Apple Business Chat, and more)
  • tyntec message fees on per Active Contact
  • 10 Registered Agents
  • Setup, maintenance and service of your account
  • Custom integrations, e.g. CRM and chatbots.

The monthly subscription does NOT include:

  • Message fees charged by operators of channels like WhatsApp, Viber and SMS. Message fees are passthrough fees and are not included in the packages.

Monthly Subscription Packages

  • STARTER: EUR 89/monthly, incl. unlimited session messages with 1000 active contacts and 1 WhatsApp Business Profile.
  • GROWTH: EUR 169/monthly, incl. unlimited session messages with 3500 active contacts and 12 WhatsApp Business Profiles.
  • ENTERPRISE: EUR 299/monthly, unlimited session messages with 6000 active contacts and 5 WhatsApp Business Profile.

All packages include 10 registered agents.