How does the Conversations Inbox interface with CRM information?

The tyntec Conversations Inbox enables that:

  • Information from a CRM can be requested via API and displayed in the Conversations Inbox
  • Information on the Conversations Inbox can be added/requested via API and displayed on the CRM system.
  • Agents can make entries to customers in CRM directly from the Conversations Inbox.

    ℹ️ You can also use the option to push transcripts of closed conversations to your CRM.

    This is possible by adding a customer tab in the contact profile to submit information to the CRM.  To proceed with this, we would need to agree on the information which must be entered in the custom tab and how it will be send to the customer's CRM API.

    This is also enabled by pre-built integrations with common CRM systems such as Microsoft Dynamics. Check in here more information about CRM integrations to the Conversations Inbox:

    ✉️ There are many CRM systems out there and for each a custom integration will deem necessary. To make sure the CRM integration is according to your needs, please contact us at