Is it possible to create standardized answers for agents such as ‘quick replies’?

Yes, frequently used response messages used by agents can be standardized and stored as Quick Replies. These predefined responses can be selected by the agent during a conversation to shorten the time to reply, saving agents a lot of time.

Quick replies are also the right feature to establish a default corporate language and can be created and used across all channels available on the Conversations Inbox.

Quick replies vs Message templates

With WhatsApp, message templates are also available as standardized messages. Check below for an overview of when to use message templates or quick replies. 

Message Template Quick Reply
Used when The business wants to initiate the conversation The business wants to respond to a customer inquiry
Approval process Undergoes a review process by WhatsApp Does not need WhatsApp approval
Availability Only for WhatsApp All channels

How to use quick replies

Agents can simply click on quick replies in the text field and have access to all saved ready-to-go answers.

He/she can simply replace the variables, e.g. first name, in case it is necessary.

How to create and edit quick replies

Generally, creating a new quick reply is really easy and achievable in 3 main steps:

Step 1: Write the message

Give your reply a title, write the text and enable/disable it.

Step 2: Define usage

Limit access to quick replies based on channels and/or teams.

Step 3: Select the restrictions

Select the channels or teams that can use this quick reply.