Is it possible to visualize when a customer is typing a response in the tyntec Conversations Inbox?

This is not possible because channels like WhatsApp transmits status changes only.

Currently, you can visualize all notification types available for each channel.

    How to visualize message status on Conversations Inbox with WhatsApp

    tyntec’s WhatsApp Business API sends notifications to inform customers of the status of the messages between the company and the user. When a message is sent successfully, you receive a notification when the message is sent, delivered, and read. 

    Status Description WhatsApp Mobile Equivalent
    sent Message sent by your business was received by the server. One checkmark
    delivered Message sent by your business was delivered to the user's device. Two blue checkmarks
    failed Message sent by your business failed to send. Red error triangle
    deleted Message the user sent to your business was deleted by the user. The message is replaced in WhatsApp mobile with a note reading "This message was deleted."