How can I categorize conversations?

Agents can categorize conversations based on type (e.g. pricing or technical inquiry) as well as priority by using Labels.

Labels are typically used by businesses to identify the type of conversation or prioritize it. Both can be achieved with labels. For example, you could create a label named ‘Urgent’ for conversations that should be prioritized by your agents. Another example could be to define the department with a label, e.g. ‘Sales’.

It's also possible to assign labels in an automated manner. For example, you could insert a kind of menu using chatbot, which sets a corresponding label in the background. Alternatively, depending on the entry point, you can automatically assign a category.

How labels look like

Click on the customer name at the top and there you will find an option to assign this conversation to a particular label.


ℹ️ Check our tutorial on labels here.