Viber Business | Account Information & Get Started

Connect with over 1 billion Viber users globally for a frictionless customer experience. 

Viber Business API Overview

A globally successful calling and messaging app, Viber connects people globally for free and securely. With over 1 billion users worldwide and over 7 million interactions every minute, Viber has launched a Business service that helps brands engage customers.

For enterprises looking at engagement and marketing opportunities on chat apps, Viber provides a premium environment that primes for high quality and personalized messages. With tyntec, companies also have access to strategic and consulting management to grow their business on this popular chat app.

Viber and tyntec Infrastructure

tyntec’s customers can access the Viber Business API via tyntec’s Conversations API – a powerful and simple way to access multiple messaging services when needed, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and SMS.

With tyntec’s Conversations API, businesses can send conversational notifications and support messages — and receive replies — without switching to a new software solution or UI.  It takes away the complexity, handles huge volumes and secures delivery by adding throttling.

Viber API Client Hosting

With tyntec’s Conversations API for Viber, you’ll have access to:

  • tyntec’s REST API for Viber Business
  • Value-added features for security and more
  • Hosting and scaling
  • Maintenance and updates
  • Business-to-consumer communications know-how
  • Access to WhatsApp and SMS as fallback.

Viber Business Messages is also available with tyntec's Support Inbox. You can simply send to to request the service and we can get it up and running for you!

Account Onboarding and Setup

To get started with Viber Business Messages, your company goes through a simple approval process. To drive the approval procedure, you have to:

  • Get started here
  • Fill out the Setup Form (see more information below)
  • Sign the warranty letter (opt-in and anti-spam agreement)

Once this information has been submitted, tyntec will forward to Viber for review. Viber will review the application and approve it assigning you a unique ServiceID number within 2-3 days.

With Viber’s approval, you can sign tyntec’s Messaging Services Agreement and register your sender. tyntec completes the integration process and enables the service for you.

After your service is active, you can integrate through our tyntec’s Conversations API. You can find our API Reference here.

Service Setup Form

The onboarding process starts with you providing the necessary information for the Service Setup Form. Here’s the information you need to gather:

  • Business name in the native language and English
  • Business description
  • Business address and registered country
  • Business website and telephone number
  • 5 logos in PNG format with good quality and resolutions of 50 x 50, 65 x 65, 100 x 100, 130 x 130, and 360 x 280 pixels
  • Industry type
  • Types of messages you're sending (promotional or transactional)*
  • Estimated launch date
  • Which products you wish to use (Viber API as standalone or in combination with the Support Inbox)
  • Service integration type (one-way, two-way, Sessions)
  • Destinations or countries
  • Sample message(s)
  • tyntec API key name. 

* Sending both promotional and transactional? In case you need both, kindly fill the form for your second service. 

Submission of International Companies

When submitting a global/international company, e.g. Zara, please include a written approval from the international brand owner for using service messages on Viber. When obtaining such an approval is impractical, it is possible to name the service with the brand name and the local branch of the brand (e.g. Zara Belarus) and include an approval by the local branch that it has the rights to the brand locally and approves the use of Business Messages on Viber under such name.


Transactional and Promotional Fees

Viber allows companies to send users both transactional (e.g. appointment reminders) and promotional (e.g. coupons). They are priced differently and rates may vary seasonally.

Minimum Spend

Viber requires a minimum spend per service (one-way, two-way, sessions) AND per country – and the amount depends on the chat app’s penetration in that particular territory.

For example, as Russia is one of Viber’s top countries, the minimum message spend there is EUR 150/monthly. Germany, on the other hand, does not figure in Viber’s top penetration locations, so the minimum spend there is only EUR 100/monthly. These apply for both promotional and transactional messages. 

In case companies send to more than one destination in a service ID, the highest minimum monthly fee applies.

Currently, the minimum spend is:

Viber country penetration categories Countries Minimum spend monthly (EUR)
Top countries Belarus, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Iraq, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine 150
Other countries All others 100

Important to know!

  • If a Business is registered and has an active ID, the monthly minimum spend applies. However, In order to help companies to get started on the right foot, Viber waives the minimum spend in the first month. For example: if service for a Business is created on February 2nd / 16th/ 28th – monthly fee for such service will only be applied from March.
  • Each messaging service (one-way, two-way, sessions) is priced differently and rates may vary seasonally.
  • If a senderID (company) has signed up for multiple services (one-way, two-way, sessions), the minimum monthly spend applies to each of them (not per sender ID).
  • A business service can be deactivated a maximum 3 times a year- after that, it will be blacklisted and it will be Viber’s sole discretion whether or not to reactivate it.
  • The minimum fee is calculated on a monthly basis and not accumulating.
  • A business service can be reactivated if it was deactivated in the past.
  • There’s no monthly or setup fee with Viber Business by tyntec. You only pay for the messages you send.
  • You can request a detailed rate sheet by sending an email to