SMS API | Get Started

Getting Started is easy. When you already have a tyntec account, you just have to choose whether you want to setup SMS One-way or SMS Two-way. Follow the instructions below to send your first messages via tyntec's SMS API.

Get Started with SMS

Already signed up for a free trial account and you want to understand how you can send and receive SMS? Then you're in the right place.

1. Head over to to sign up for your free trial account. 

2. After signing up you should see your Dashboard. On the left side navigate to the SMS section to start setting up SMS.


Which SMS service is right for me?

With SMS tyntec offers you 2 different types of services. One is Send SMS and the other one is Send & Receive SMS. It usually depends on how you want to use SMS. If you wish to only send messages, but not receive messages, then Send SMS is the right service for you. If you also want to receive messages from your users, then you should setup Send & Receive SMS. 

Note for Send & Receive SMS
Setting up an SMS account that can send and receive SMS requires a little more processing time on our end because we need to assign a number to your account.



Networks worldwide for SMS


Direct-to-carrier connections


Countries covered with 2-way SMS


Years of A2P SMS expertise