SMS API | Basics

It's simple. tyntec's programmable SMS API makes sending and receiving SMS easy. With our 100+ direct-to-carrier and 1200+ extremely reliable connections and over 15 years experience we offer you an programmable SMS API that is rich in features and customizable. You send and receive SMS and we handle the rest. Get familiar with our SMS API and learn how to send your first messages on the following pages.

SMS Speedy Delivery

Get Started

Here for the first time? Follow our instructions to get started to setup your access to our SMS API

Use Cases

There's a variety of use cases for SMS. Learn from our best practices on how to use SMS in your customer journey.

Interface Information

Learn more about the interface and tyntec's SMS REST API.

Send SMS

Looking for how to send SMS (SMS One-way)? Then follow our instructions on how to send your first messages.

Send & Receive SMS

If you also want to receive SMS over your preferred phone number, follow these instructions on how to setup your SMS Two-way access.


Looking for a way to send OTP SMS (One-time passwords)? Then follow our instructions on how to setup OTP SMS.

Pricing & Coverage

Learn how the pricing for SMS works and how you can use our Pricing & Coverage API.


Still looking for an answer? Check out our FAQ section for more details and our most common questions.