Portability Check | Get Started

Save costs and improve your ROI and conversion rates by making sure that text messages and voice calls are routed properly. Portability Check lets you save money and clean your phone number database by identifying whether a phone number is a valid phone number and in which country and carrier the number is registered to. This way you can sort out invalid numbers easily from your database. 

Overall allowing you to minimize failed delivery / call attempts, therefore a significant cost saver. Looking for a more features? Check our our Number Verification service.

1. What is Portability Check?

Portability Check allows you to perform a phone number check to clean up and update your customer database before you initiate customer communications. When you query a phone number via our Portability Check API, you’ll receive the query result containing validated information related to the phone number. For example to which country and operator the number is registered, and whether the phone number is formatted correctly or not.

It’s recommended to perform such a check on a regular basis to make sure your customer database is up to date. Even better is to perform the check prior to sending an SMS or making a call.

That’s important, as it can be a major cost saving factor to know which operator the number is registered to and whether the number is correct. Portability Check can also minimize failed delivery attempts by distinguishing between number types, such as mobile and landline numbers.


PRO TIP: Portability Check is part of our Number Information services. tyntec’s Portability Check obtains data directly from local number portability databases (in countries where portability is supported) and utilizes live network information from tyntec’s global network.

For use cases requiring more contextual, real-time data, tyntec’s Number Verification service offers even more possibilities to minimize message loss and unsuccessful call attempts. It verifies phone numbers in real time and provides additional key information about each phone number, such as the subscriber status and roaming data.


2. How to Set Up Portability Check

Login to your tyntec first and navigate to the Number Information section. Open the menu and open the page for 'Portablity Check'.


Click ‘Add a new account’ near the top left of your screen. You will be able to select an API / protocol.

To finalize the setup of your account, you need to choose at least:

  • API / Protocol (RESTful API or ENUM)
  • Source IP Address #1

You can also add a second ‘Source IP Address.’ For the RESTful API you can also add a ‘Respond back URL.’


After adding the Portability Check account, you will receive an email with your individual account credentials. Go ahead and check your email.

The email with your credentials looks like the image below.




3. Your first number query

For this part, you'll probably need some developer's expertise.

Let’s query your first number. You’ll need to use your Linux command line.

Using the snippet below, replace “username” and “password” with the credentials we sent to you via email:

-u username:password
-H "Accept: application/json"

This is the response to your query containing the requested number information:

"operator":" Vodafone",

If you’re using Windows, you can try sending an SMS from a REST client that you’re currently using or with Postman, Advanced Rest Client, etc.