Interactive Text | Provisioning Service | Request a new phone number batch provisioning

Requests a new phone number batch provisioning.


GET /byon/provisioning/v1/

Request Body

Attributes Description
friendlyName optional (query) A filter on the list based on the friendlyName (string) field.
contactId required (query) The unique identifier of the contact to request the phone number provision for.
numbers required (body) A comma-separated list of phone number details.
  • phoneNumber
  • country (only optional if the phone number already included the country code)

Example body having two entities

    "phoneNumber": "02315551337",
    "country": "DE"
    "phoneNumber": "4923142144"


curl -X POST "" -H  "accept: application/json" -H  "apiKey: ds9SomeApiKeyl337" -H  "content-type: application/json" -d "[  {    \"phoneNumber\": \"02315551337\",    \"country\": \"DE\"  },  {    \"phoneNumber\": \"4923142144\"  }]"


Code: 200
The phone number provisioning requests
Example Value

  "accountId": "string",
  "contactId": "string",
  "friendlyName": "string",
  "requestId": "string",
  "status": "string"
  "dateProvisioningRequest": 0,
  "dateProvisioningUpdated": 0,
  "dateProvisioningCompleted": 0,
  "loaId": "string",
  "loaStatus": "string"

Response body

  "accountId": "CPaasAccountName",
  "contactId": "26c99e4d97b44c9aa50bf7fb29801ebe",
  "requestId": "2cfa638e3d9c4da399c4fa70a3698717",
  "friendlyName": "myFrienldyName",
  "status": "LOA_PENDING",
  "dateProvisioningRequest": 1521205266416,
  "dateProvisioningUpdated": 1521205267953,
  "dateProvisioningCompleted": 0,
  "loaId": "313e1006-703a-4720-bf01-1d2b6305f45a",
  "loaStatus": "sent"

Code: 400
Not valid contact providedExample
Error: Bad Request

Response body

{"message":"The number provided is not valid","code":"PhoneNumberNotValid","timestamp":1521036399010}

Code: 204
Empty list. No phone provisioning requests found

Code: 401

Code: 403

Code: 404
Contact not foundExample
Error: Not Found

Response body

{"message":"Contact not found","code":"ContactNotFound","timestamp":1521202708881}

Code: 500
Something went wrong

Example Value

{  "code": "string",  "message": "string",  "timestamp": 0}