Interactive Text | Provisioning Service | Get Provisioning Requests

Returns all phone numbers provisioning requests created. You can specify friendlyName, contactId to filter the results.


GET /byon/provisioning/v1/

Request Querystring Parameters

Attributes Description
friendlyName optional A filter on the list based on the friendlyName (string) field.
contactId optional A filter on the list based on the contactId (string) field.

Curl example

curl -X GET "" -H  "accept: application/json" -H  "apiKey: ds9SomeApiKeyl337"

Curl example with optional Attributes

curl -X GET "" -H  "accept: application/json" -H  "apiKey: ds9SomeApiKeyl337"


Code: 200
The list of phone provisioning requests
Example Value

  "accountId": "string",
  "contactId": "string",
  "friendlyName": "string",
  "companyName": "string",
  "companyAddress": "string",
  "contactName": "string",
  "contactEmail": "string",
  "contactPhone": "string",
  "contactTitle": "string",
  "dateCreated": 0,
  "dateUpdated": 0,
  "timestampCreated": "string",
  "timestampUpdated": "string"

Response body

  "accountId": "CPaasAccountName",
  "contactId": "26c99e4d97b44c9aa50bf7fb29801ebe",
  "friendlyName": "myFrienldyName",
  "companyName": "myCompanyName",
  "companyAddress": "myCompanyAddress",
  "contactName": "myContactName",
  "contactEmail": "",
  "contactPhone": "+49231123456789",
  "contactTitle": "myContactTitle",
  "dateCreated": 1521036849011,
  "dateUpdated": 1521036849011,
  "timestampCreated": "2018-03-14T14:14:09.011Z",
  "timestampUpdated": "2018-03-14T14:14:09.011Z"

Code: 204
Empty list. No phone provisioning requests found

Code: 401

Code: 403

Code: 404
Not Found

Code: 500
Something went wrong.
Example Value:

{  "code": "string",  "message": "string",  "timestamp": 0}