Interactive Text | Manage Services | Register your phone number for SMS usage

Register your phone number for SMS usage

  1. Create a contact or use an existing contact.
  2. Request a landline number provisioning.
  3. The Letter of Authorization (LOA) will be sent to the provided email address of the requesting contact.
  4. Wait for the email as it might take a couple of minutes to arrive. The emails subject looks like "Action needed: LoA signature for Tyntec Interactive Text number provisioning".
  5. Click on the link "REVIEW DOCUMENT" given by the email. You will be forwarded to DocuSign webUI.
  6. Review and sign the document, you can do so without registration on DocuSign.
  7. The signed document will be sent to the same email address where the request came from.
  8. Check the status of your landline number provisioning request. Once it shows "loaStatus": "Completed" tyntec will do the provisioning of the landline number(s).
  9. If the final status "PROVISIONING_DONE" has been reached you can use the landline number(s) for SMS 2way.