Interactive Text | Interface Information

Learn more about the interface and tyntec's Interactive Text product.

Interface information

The REST API (Representational State Transfer Application Programming Interface) enables quick and easy access to tyntec‘s messaging platform. 

The communication is established via HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) connections. The exchanged object types are JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). tyntec accepts "application/json" as "Content-Type" (and "charset=utf-8") in the HTTP header.

The Interactive Text API service is accessible through the base URL (Unique Resource Location) (${baseURL}):


The API key should be either as HTTP header with the key “apiKey” HTTP header:

apiKey: <your_API_key>

Or as part of the query URL with query parameter key name “apiKey”
Get all contacts created using the default settings example:


curl -X GET "" -H  "accept: application/json" -H  "apiKey: ds9SomeApiKeyl337"


  "accountId": "CPaasAccountName",
  "contactId": "26c99e4d97b44c9aa50bf7fb29801ebe",
  "friendlyName": "myFrienldyName",
  "companyName": "myCompanyName",
  "companyAddress": "myCompanyAddress",
  "contactName": "myContactName",
  "contactEmail": "",
  "contactPhone": "+49231123456789",
  "contactTitle": "myContactTitle",
  "dateCreated": 1521036849011,
  "dateUpdated": 1521036849011,
  "timestampCreated": "2018-03-14T14:14:09.011Z",
  "timestampUpdated": "2018-03-14T14:14:09.011Z"