Authentication | Interface Information and Resource URLs

Learn more about the interface and tyntec's 2FA REST API. Our easy access to tyntec's two-factor authentication.

1. Interface Information and Resource URLs

The REST API (Representational State Transfer Application Programming Interface) enables quick and easy access to tyntec‘s messaging platform. The communication is established via HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) connections. The exchanged object types are JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). tyntec accepts "application/json" as "Content-Type" (and "charset=utf-8") in the HTTP header.

The 2FA API service is accessible through the base URL (Unique Resource Location) (${baseURL}):

The API key should be either as HTTP header with the key “apiKey” HTTP header:

apiKey: <your_API_key>

Or as part of the query url with query parameter key name “apiKey”
Send a 2FA using the default settings example:

curl -X POST -H "apiKey: yourApiKey"


HTTP/1.1 200 OK
{ "accountId": "yourAccountId", "applicationId": "4b5b626d-d79f-3c88-a139-000000000000", "otpId": "5b757dbf-7c25-49b5-bcef-4ff8b488e5f2", "number": "+4989202451100", "attemptCount": 0, "otpStatus": "ACTIVE", "expire": 1499677361834, "created": 1499677061834, "timestampCreated": "2017-07-10T08:57:41.834Z", "timestampExpire": "2017-07-10T09:02:41.834Z" }

Check delivered OTP example:

curl -X POST -H "apiKey: yourApiKey"


HTTP/1.1 202 Accepted
{ "accountId": "yourAccountId", "applicationId": "4b5b626d-d79f-3c88-a139-cac021a95a7e", "otpId": "5b757dbf-7c25-49b5-bcef-4ff8b488e5f2", "number": "+4989202451100", "attemptCount": 1, "otpStatus": "VERIFIED", "expire": 1499677361834, "created": 1499677061834, "timestampCreated": "2017-07-10T08:57:41.834Z", "timestampExpire": "2017-07-10T09:02:41.834Z" }

2. Resource URLs delivering and checking OTPs

 This part of the API is using for delivering and checking OTP codes to destination numbers.

Operation Resource URL Method
Sends OTP to a destination number ${baseURL}/otp POST
Get a specific OTP request status ${baseURL}/otp/{otpId} GET
Resends an OTP ${baseURL}/otp/{otpId} POST
Deletes an OTP request ${baseURL}/otp/{otpId} DELETE
Verify an OTP code against this OTP request ${baseURL}/otp/{otpId}/check POST
Get events for OTP delivery ${baseURL}/otp/{otpId}/events GET

3. Resource URLs Managing Your 2FA Application

 The 2FA API has a part where the user can create different 2FA applications and separate his configuration. tyntec stores these configurations for the user and the user can refer to the applicationId that points to the desired configuration that will be applied for the specific OTP delivery.

There is a default application for each user which contains some default values and an English language template. This default application will be used in case no applicationId is specified in an OTP delivery request. The user can change the default parameters of the default application as well.

Operation Resource URL Method
Get your applications ${baseURL}/application/ GET
Create an application ${baseURL}/application/ POST
Delete an application ${baseURL}/application/{applicationId} DELETE
Get a specific application ${baseURL}/application/{applicationId} GET
Edit a specific application ${baseURL}/application/{applicationId} POST
Add or edit a language template for an application ${baseURL}/application/{applicationId}/language POST
Delete a language template ${baseURL}/application/{applicationId}/language DELETE