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Start by getting familiar with tyntec’s platform and products, learn how it works and what you need to do before starting in your development phase.

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Get an overview of how to get started with each product. Follow those steps to get a good overview and deep insights.

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API Reference

Dive into our most handy resource during your development phase. With language bindings for Shell, HTTP, JavaScript, Node.JS, Ruby, Python, Java and Go.

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Already using a service which supports tyntec’s products? Have a look if you can skip some development steps and go live faster with our integrations.

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add new functionality quickly and efficiently to your apps in minutes. Hands-on coding for developers.

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Find specific questions and answers in our extensive FAQ’s. Check out our frequently asked questions or submit your question to us in case you don’t find an answer.

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API Reference


Messaging API

The Messaging API enables you to sent messages to your customers or to receive messages from your customers to phone numbers registered with tyntec.

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The Conversations API enables you to easily send messages to your customers via messaging services like WhatsApp or Viber and still address customers with classic SMS.

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Support Inbox

Orchestrate your chat conversations with your customers with a simple yet powerful platform.

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NIS API | Portability Check

tyntec's Global Number Portability (GNP) resolves number portability by obtaining data directly from local number portability databases and live network information from across the globe. 

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NIS API | Number Verification

tyntec's Global Number Verification (GNV) minimizes message loss and unsuccessful call attempts with real-time phone number verification, providing key information on a user's phone number, such as subscriber status and roaming data.

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Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an additional security layer for your applications or your business. 2FA aims to increase the security level of a standard password-only approach.

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Service API

Pricing & Coverage API

Calculate prices for SMS, Portability Check and Number Verification instantly and accurately

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After your trial phase, and some other steps – depending on the product – you just have to switch from testing to live. Bringing your idea to live and your business one step ahead.


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